Huffington Post: The Lead PR

Jeffrey Schneider, principal and co-founder of The Lead PR, contributed his corporate communications expertise to a Huffington Post article explaining United Airlines' recent PR debacle.

From the article...

"One crucial factor contributing to that failure is that the company’s head of corporate communications reports to its head of human resources and labor relations. This set-up puts the company at a disadvantage when it has to respond quickly and effectively to a public crisis, said Jeffrey Schneider, a corporate communications veteran and founder of The Lead PR. 

'You don’t want to have layers of bureaucracy or management in between the top communications person and the CEO,' Schneider told The Huffington Post.

And crucially, Schneider said, this arrangement can keep the CEO from hearing advice directly from the person most qualified to give it. He advises having the head of PR report directly to the CEO."

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