CNNMoney: SBB Research Group

CNN's Brian Stelter visited SBB Research Group in Chicago to learn about the cutting-edge neurological study the firm has developed to show how people’s brains react differently to presidential candidates as they debate.

Sam Barnett, founder and CEO of SBB Research Group, teamed up with CNN for the most recent GOP debate to screen and study a dozen viewers' reactions as the presidential candidates squared off. 

Barnett explains in the article how one candidate clearly stands out above the rest in terms of “lighting up” the brains of viewers, regardless of political affiliation.

Something about Trump — his face, his voice, his message — generates "increased brain engagement," he said in an interview with CNNMoney.

“Viewers may love or despise Donald Trump. But the sight of him lights up the brain,” Stelter writes.

Barnett said he is using the innovative technology ”to understand brain responses to complex stimuli, such as movies and advertisements." He sees applications for his hedge fund and for a wide variety of other fields.

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